• 有志団体 CARTIVATOR & 一般社団法人 CARTIVATOR Resource Management
  • 株式会社SkyDrive(詳しくはこちら
  • ビジネスコンテスト『維新』で優勝し、CARTIVATOR発足

    Nakamura and his friends won first prize at a business contest “KOREARATA”. Team “CARTIVATOR” was born.

  • 空飛ぶクルマ『SkyDrive』の開発に着手

    Started development of a flying car called “SkyDrive”.

  • 1/5スケール試作機の走行・飛行に成功

    Succeeded in flying and driving a 1/5th scale prototype model.


    Won the outstanding performance award at “TOKYO STARTUP GATEWAY”.

  • Flying Chairの平野氏、徳島大学三輪准教授との共同開発開始

    Started joint development with Mr.Hirano from the Flying Chair project and Associate Prof. Miwa from Tokushima University.

  • クラウドファンディング『zenmono』で260万円の支援獲得

    Succesfully raised 2.6 million yen on "zenmono", a Japanese crowd funding website.

  • 名古屋大学航空宇宙工学流体研究G 森准教授と提携

    Started partnership with Associate Prof. Mori from Aerospace Engineering at Nagoya University.

  • 徳島大学にて開発合宿実施

    Held tech team camp at Tokushima University.

  • 『IVS Launch Pad 2016 Spring』にて入賞

    Won a prize at “2016 Spring IVS Launch Pad”.

  • 徳島大学にて開発合宿#2実施

    Held tech team camp #2 at Tokushima University.

  • 東京にて初のMeetup!を開催

    Held Cartivator meetup #1 in Tokyo.

  • ターゲットユーザーを見据えたコンセプト決定合宿実施

    Held team camp to discuss vision, concept and target.

  • 徳島大学にて開発合宿#3実施

    Held tech team camp #3 at Tokushima University.

  • SkyDrive for Olympicモデル設計公開

    Unveiling of SkyDrive concept model for 2020.

  • 株式会社SkyDrive設立

    Established SkyDrive Inc.

    2組織による共同開発 2組織による共同開発
  • 無人機飛行試験

    Unmanned test flight.

  • 有人機飛行試験

    Manned test flight.

  • デモフライト実現

    Realize the demo-flight.

  • 有人機販売開始(予定)

    First flying cars on sale to the public (plan).

  • 有人機量産開始(予定)

    Start mass-production to the public (plan).

  • 誰もが自由に空を飛べる時代に

    Realize a world where anyone can fly in the sky freely.