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初めまして、CARTIVATOR代表の中村 翼です(いきなり余談ですが、CARTIVATORには翼という名前のメンバーが4人もいます)。











“Flying car development blog is live!”

My name is Tsubasa Nakamura, a representative of CARTIVATOR.

From today we are starting a blog which keeps you all updated about the development of our flying car project. We will make an update every weekend, so please make sure to check it out regularly.

Last month we released news of receiving sponsorship from 15 Toyota group companies and gained wonderful responses from many people! More than 100 newcomers are applying the team, about ten new companies or individuals offering sponsorship, and uncountable amount of media offers are coming our way. I really appreciate Toyota group companies, and other companies or individuals supporting us so far. We are able to accelerate our development because of this support. So please make sure to follow us for latest development!

Today, 5 media programs visited our development base at an abandoned school in Aichi prefecture. Test flight of full scale prototype was captured, and we could confirm good performance of the repaired propellers which had been previously damaged by small stone chippings.

Currently, CARTIVATOR is developing a redesign of a prototype model which will be released this September. Due to this, flight evaluation is limited; however today we could showcase flight of our experimental model. I would like to thank all the media for travelling from afar to visit us. Please look forward to seeing us in the news in Japan and abroad.

Finally, we have some opportunities to give monthly presentations. Next presentation will be at a seminar organised by Japan Research Institute for New Systems of Society on July 24th(Mon) 13:00〜14:30 at Shimbashi. If you are interested, please check out the link below for more information.

In addition, we have an another presentation on the same day at 16:00〜17:30 at Chiyoda-ku at a seminar organised by The Japan Association for Chemical Innovation (JACI). We will announce the details after the introduction page is released.

Until then, see you next weekend!