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CARTIVATOR flying car development blog / Strengths of a volunteer group for flying car development!

I am Yoshifumi Otaki in charge of Cartivator’s hardware design. Starting today, new members who participated in the orientation held in May join the development team.

CARTIVATOR development team is currently focusing on designing a 1/1 prototype.
Today we proceed with frame design which is one of the critical components of the flying car.
The frame of flying car should not break during flight, takeoff, landing and running, so the engineer must consider various requirements to design a frame of the flying car. In particular, the requirement to ensure safe flight is very stringent and we need to repeat design → analysis → validation → re-design cycle many times.

Of course it can not be done alone, so members familiar with aircraft regulation will investigate durability and strength requirements for flight, core members with abundant design experience will train new members on how to use CAD and receive cooperation from them. Our development team is working together to achieve target performance of the flying car. In addition, members in charge of exterior design are participating in discussion of frame ideas for realizing ideal designs.

I believe that a strength of a voluntary organization is that anyone who has different skills and knowledge can participate and develop a flying car while taking advantage of each other’s skills and knowledge. This is one of the reasons why I joined this project and there is such a great environment here at Cartivator.

When a prototype will be released next year, we will show that it can fly with high stability and good exterior design that will surprise everyone. We will utilize the strengths of the volunteer group and continue to promote the development of the flying car.

Finally, Cartivator is mainly looking for members who has background in aviation (engineers/regulations) for design and prototype development. If you are interested, let’s advance the development of the flying car together!