第5回CARTIVATOR Meetup! 開催!



今回は、先週金曜日に開催した、第5回目の CARTIVATOR Meetup!についてお伝えします。


◆CARTIVATOR Meetup! とは?






【写真:Meetup! 愛知会場の様子】




報告の最後には、Meetup!の拡大版イベント「Grand Meetup!」の開催告知もありました。



Hello everybody!  My name is Uchida from “HR Team” formerly organization management team and I will be in charge of this week’s blog.

This time I will tell you all about the 5th CARTIVATOR Meetup! that we held last Friday.

◆What is ‘CARTIVATOR Meetup!?

It is a place where members can listen to each other’s voices and check the current location of CARTIVATOR. We also hold a briefing session for those who wish to participate and a meeting which allows each team to share their team’s progress.

Each time we connect through to each location in Tokyo, Aichi, Shizuoka.

We have shared about CARTIVATOR Meetup! in previous blog entries – check it out at

This time there were reports from 8 teams below:

  •    Styling Team
  •    Aircraft Design Team
  •    Control Design Team
  •    Prototype Team
  •    Theoretical Framework Team
  •    Sponsor Team
  •    General Affairs Team
  •    HR Team

[Photo: Meetup! at Aichi venue]

This is the 5th time that Meetup! was held and I felt that the report items of each team has gradually increased in its specifics compared to the initial stage.

It is evident that the power of the newly joined members with various backgrounds is demonstrated.

At the end of the report, there was also a notice to hold Meetup!’s expanded event  dubbed “Grand Meetup!”. It is likely that this will become a big event which unite members together who usually operate at multiple bases.

As for lighting the torch of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, , we will push forward and keep the momentum going as it is!