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Notice: An end to blog entries

Hello, this is Nakamura, representative of CARTIVATOR. Thank you very much for your interest and for your continuous support. This is information to those who have read this blog.

Since receiving support from the Toyota group, we have delivered blogs for 4 months, and with this article – will be the last at this stage.

Our original purpose of the blog was to deliver report to our sponsors and to share our activities with everyone who is interested. However as a result of discussion by the team, we came to the conclusion that it is better to focus the blog on each team’s purpose.

I deeply apologise to those who have been reading our blogs until now, but I hope you can acknowledge our situation.

We are now undergoing plans to send sponsors and future sponsors a regular activity report. Also, if you are interested in our activities, we will post articles on our Facebook page.

Thank you for following us and your continuous support.

As for our current progress, we are working to clarify the tasks and detailed schedule for 2020 while working hard every day with the goal of completing procurement activities for the prototype build by the end of the year.

All members will meet together in November and we are planning a place to discuss and share strategies.

I think that each team moves organically and I want to advance so that each team’s power will live as much as possible.


3D Printed miniature model of SkyDrive


We will finish our weekly articles for now, but as we get closer to completion of the prototype, I would like to share more posts.

Thank you for your continually supporting CARTIVATOR.