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Title: Evolution of the car accomplished with supporters
Hello! This week, Matsuhisa of the sponsor response team will be in charge of the blog.
Our team’s role is to extend the support circle of those who sympathize with our will “to connect the dreams to the next generation through mobility” and “Lighting the 2020 Olympic torch”. We are now thinking about how to respond to your ongoing support.

Meeting at ‘flying’ house in Tokyo

Although we are supported from financial and technical aspects, we are also supported and encouraged every day by warm words from our supporters.
Each such support is driving us to follow our dreams and I believe that it is our mission to deliver the feeling of gratitude that our members feel to the supporters.
The best repayment is the realization of flying cars, but we are also preparing other ways to show our appreciation to our supporters. We will keep you posted as soon as we are ready.
When I first met this project, my favorite words came to my mind.
“Birds fly in the sky not because there are feathers, but because they wanted to fly, feathers were made.”
(Jean-Baptiste Lamarck: French biologist)
We strongly think that our activities want to fly and believe that we will bring evolution to mobility.
I think that it has also been pointed out that “there are a mountain of issues and it is unrealistic!”
However, I believe those people who strongly believed that the world could also be changed. What would happen to the world when flying cars are realized?
What would take hours to travel the mountainous pass would take a matter of minutes, people can escape an event of disaster with number of casualties reduced, alleviation of congestion in urban areas, and overall reduction in the amount of CO2 emissions. We believe in a wonderful future beyond the various difficulties.
I strongly wish for the day when wings grow and we fly to the sky. We will continue to work with the supporters to realize our dreams.