Transportation including the automobile have enriched our lives by expanding human mobility. However, if it is an airplane - airports and runways are necessary, and if it is a car - roads and bridges are necessary. Also huge investment is necessary to maintain the infrastructure. It is not easy to spare these huge expenses, especially for developing countries. Yet the lack of traffic infrastructure can disturb the future growth of developing countries where population boom is expected. So we came up with an idea of the flying car to realize infrastructure-free transportation. In 2050 we aim to create a world where anyone can fly in the sky freely. To realize our vision, a compact flying car is necessary with a vertical takeoff and landing technology, which do not need roads and runways to lift off. It's very difficult to realize the compact flying car due to noise control, all weather handling, and guaranteeing absolute safety. However, if this flying car is realized, then passengers can freely enjoy the scenery from the sky, go to places where we were not able to reach before and uninterupted travel by avoiding traffic jams is no longer a dream.


全長|Length 3,600mm
全幅|Width 1,700mm(走行時)/3,100mm(飛行時)
全高|Height 1,100mm
飛行速度(目標)|Maximum Flight Speed (Target) 100km/h
走行速度(目標)|Maximum Driving Speed (Target) 60km/h
高度(目標)|Flight Altitude (Target) 50m
搭乗員数 2人
最大離陸重量 400kg
燃料 バッテリー(電動)


1. 世界最小サイズ|World's smallest
2. 公道から離陸可能|Take off from public roads
3. 直感的に操縦可能|Intuitive operation