The mobilities including the car have made our life wealthily by expanding human capability for moving. However, if it is an airplane, airports or runways are necessary, and if it’s a car, roads are necessary. Also huge investment for maintenance is necessary to keep them. The working-out of a vast expense is not easy, especially for developing countries. However, lack of traffic infrastructure can disturb the growth in future of the developing countries where population explosion is expected. So we came up with an idea flying car to realize infrastructure-free. we aim to create world where anyone can fly in the sky anytime by 2050. To realize our vision, a compact flying car is necessary with a vertical takeoff and landing type, which does not need roads and runways to take off. It’s very difficult to realize the compact flying car due to noise control, all weather treatment, and security of absolute safety. However, if this flying car is realized, enjoying scenery from the sky freely, the transfer to the place that we were not able to go so far and smooth movement avoiding a traffic jam is not a dream anymore. To realize such a world, as the first goal in 2020, we advocate that the flying car will light Tokyo Olympic flame stand.


全長|Length 2,900mm
全幅|Width 1,300mm
全高|Height 1,100mm
飛行速度(目標)|Flight speed (target) 100km/h
走行速度(目標)|Drive speed (target) 150km/h
高度(目標)|Flight Altitude (target) 〜10m


1. 世界最小サイズ|World-smallest size
2. 公道から離陸可能|able to take off from public road
3. 直感的に操縦可能|able to be controlled by intuitive operation